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The 2 % Theory Refund 100% Money Back Guarantee


Refund Policy: We stand behind our product the 2% Theory and we guarantee that you will get good results with a successful trade when you implement the lessons inside the courses and follow the alert notification that have tips and trading idea.

These were accurate profitable trading ideas 96% of the time in 2020 and only 4% of the notifications were cutting losses/incorrect. I have the history inside the chat to back it up. This is not a random claim. The posts are kept as is and I never edit them. You would see the words "edited" if I did so I leave everything there. Even Typos. They are the most accurate signals we have seen online. We have the results to back this up.

Due to the digital nature of the product, no refunds will be issued if you are not eligible for a refund.

We know our product works very well for those that actually implement the lessons. To be eligible, you need to show proof you have been entering on trading ideas, trading as shown in 2% Theory. Most likely the trading ideas will be accurate, most of them anyway so if you are entering them, you will be profitable and therefor no refunds needed since you are making profitable trades.

You need to show you are entering them, and since you ARE entering them, you WILL be profitable (most likely!)

Losing a trade does not make you eligible for a refund. In crypto trading there are losses sometimes. Even we are not 100% successful every time we trade.

If you cannot provide proof of any work or assignments, your refund will be denied.

We stand by our product 100% and we believe when you actually do the work and follow the alerts/signals, you will have successful trades. Please do not email us if you lose one trade and blame us for a losing signal. Please do not expect every signal to be profitable. This is why we split up our risk and use the tools in risk management as outlined inside the class.

This refund policy is fair. If every single person that ever lost a trade emailed us asking us for a refund, we would have to refund everyone. This is why this policy is in place. We are certain when you follow the plan, you will be successful at making successful trades. Do the work. Implement the techniques outlined in the class.

We do consider special circumstances. We are certain you will be successful in the class if you follow student responsibilities, not for anyone who does not follow the student responsibilities.

We do have a very high success rate and for this reason, we offer a one-year guarantee that you will lean how to make successful cryptocurrency trades. We believe you will start making successful trades the first week after finishing the class if you are following the plan & following the alerts, but we cannot guarantee that as we cannot make predictions and guarantees things like this.

My Iron Clad “One-Year to be successful or your Money Back + I’ll Pay you” Guarantee! 

That's right! The 2% Theory is guaranteed to work for you or I'll give you a FULL REFUND as long as you are eligible by following student responsibilities! I am so sure that it will work for you when you follow the alerts and finish the class and do the assignments, And you know what, I’ll throw in an extra $100 for wasting your time!

Side note: So far everyone that follows the alerts & 2% Theory class are profitable. EVERYONE. This 1 year guarantee is for people who DO THE WORK. Not for people who buy a class, never implement anything, never follow any signals. When you follow the signals, chances are very high that you will be making profitable trades. So far in the past our success was 96% accurate and I have the history to back this up! This does not mean it will be like this in the future. Anything can happen in crypto! This is how it was in the past up to March 2021 as I am writing this side note part.

You have a full YEAR to make this work! I know you will be able to do a successful trade within a year and be able to make a return on your investment once you complete the course! I am so sure of it that I will guarantee it or your money back PLUS + I will pay you $100 just for trying! All risk is on me. 

Here is how it will work:

1. Go through the course and complete the milestones and landmark homework. Send us proof you are following the class by emailing me your progress. To be eligible for a refund you need to study and implement at least 30 minutes each week. This is not a lot to ask and we believe this is more than fair. It is simple: You do the work and you will get results. If you don't feel like implementing the assigned work (milestones/landmarks) or any of the lessons, or completing the entire program, then you will not be eligible for a refund.

2. Follow Student responsibilities. Do the assigned work, and if after showing us you are doing the work and still cannot get a profit from it, then we will give you a refund. We will however keep trying to help you UNTIL you succeed. That is what you are signing up for! Please also note that we are human and our team does take time off on public holidays and over March break, Summer Holidays & Christmas Holidays where we may have a backlog of emails to answer when we get back. We are also human and your question can be missed, if this is the case simply email us the question again. You can ask unlimited questions inside the facebook groups to your peers and also email us. Please do not expect instant support. Unlimited does not mean instant. Our business hours are Tuesday to Friday 9AM to 3PM EST. This means if you send an email Friday at 4PM you will most likely not get a response back until Tuesday. Also support is not on instagram DMs (direct messages). Social media DMs will most likely get lost if you DM instagram @lovingnotworking the messages there are not searchable, please use email or the private community section instead. You will most likely have your question answered inside the community group. If not then please ask again or email. We are here to help! If you ask us 1 time then email us months later accusing us of not helping and ask for a refund, you will not be eligible. You need to make an effort also on your part if you don't understand something to ask again. We do help. Anna and her team are in the group answering and Anna also makes FAQ videos on the questions that are asked often and adds this inside the FAQ section of the class. Anna and her team are answering almost daily inside the group and on top of this, Anna also pops in every once in a while for Live Q&A video chats once in a while when we have something new or too many questions where you can ask your question in a live broadcast.

To clarify, when you ask for a refund, you need to submit proof that you have completed the assigned work, that you have entered in on signals. That you have implemented the lessons. We believe anyone that actually implements the lessons will be successful. Our signals are also very good as last year our trading ideas were correct 96% of the time and only wrong 4% of the time. When you enter the signals you will see that this brings amazing results to anyone that actually implements them.

3. Follow the signals, when I post an entry to buy, buy it. I know that if you are following the signals, you will be profitable and successful as most of our signals are profitable. We may have a losing signal once in a while but the winning ones make up for it.

Following one year, if you request a refund after actually completing the 2% Theory program, entering the signals, and doing at least 1 hour per week of implementation, still for some reason, and you have followed all student responsibilities. You will be considered for a full refund after we have reviewed your submitted work (course landmarks, practice and trade history).

We will request to see your trading history - if you are not entering trades then you will not make money. It is up to you to enter trades and be consistent. If we have posted 10 winning trades and you have not entered any of them then you cannot request a refund if you are not following the process.

There should be no reason to ask for a refund because a) the system works and b) you will start winning trades as soon as you are done the class and have practiced how it works.

Since late 2016, we have a very successful track record of excellent signals. If for some reason the market is so flat that it is impossible to make a trade, then we wait for the next month. In the signals, we usually post between 1-30 trades in a month and make 2% and more per trade depending on the market conditions.

Through the 2017 bull run everyone made money - during the crash we adapted and made money on the way down, when we had a flat period, we made small trades and took small wins. Our strategy adjusts depending on market conditions. We update based on the market. 2020 has so far been a very successful year and we plan on keeping it that way and improving. We will keep getting better, we do our best to bring you along for the ride!

We have grown to a team of 15 people now! We plan on supporting you through your journey + we have an amazing crypto family in our facebook group with many people who have been trading for 2-4 years with a wealth of knowledge in this and other areas too - your network is your net-worth and this is a great place to make friends from all over the world.

Here is to your success! Cheers

Student Responsibilities  

Regular logging into class and participation is mandatory. Any challenges experienced must be shared with the instructor, in a timely manner. Logging into the class is considered attending. One year commitment is required. Proof of work must be submitted such as trading history with dates etc. First few trades (10+) must be practice trades in a simulated environment.

Refund Policy

We 100% stand by the quality of all our digital products and your satisfaction is important to us.  

You will be not be eligible for a refund if you do not follow student responsibilities.

You will not be eligible for a refund if you are sharing the class with a partner or if you are sharing copyright material anywhere, (all material inside the class & alerts is our copyright)  

Cancellation once you attend class: If you wish to withdraw at any time after beginning your class, there are no refunds.  

Not completing course requirements which are listed under "student responsibilities" does not count as withdrawing.  

Following one year, if you have followed all student responsibilities but have not successfully been able to trade. (This is unlikely and has not happened by anyone following the trading ideas or the 2% Theory class" You will be considered for a full refund after we have reviewed your work submitted! 

We cater to all countries. Certain platforms are meant for specific countries. USA, Quebec & Ontario has restricted some platforms therefor we use alternative platforms. Same for Africa or any platforms not available. We find alternates for you.

Expectations for signals and alerts: Please don’t expect all signals to be 100% correct. Signals are meant to act as guides and due to the fact that price and direction can change quite quickly, 100% accuracy is not a realistic or reasonable expectation. Even though in 2020, the signals were correct 96% of the time, that means that they were incorrect 4% of the time. You will not be eligible for a refund if you contact us to complain one signal was incorrect. There are plenty more that are correct and if you contact us without being civil, if you call anyone names or verbally attack any of the students or us, then you will not be eligible for a refund. Use common sense please.

None of this is investing advise. Use the modules where you are shown how to use the software in a simulated environment. You can use play money and practice which is highly recommended. We will not accept blame if you lost some money because at the end of the day, you chose to use real money instead of play money which is what we teach inside the class. What you do with your own money is up to you. The alerts and trading ideas are simply suggestions and not investing advice. We are not a financial advisor. We teach you how to read markets so you can make good decisions on your own. You can use the simulated environment and play money to practice and do the assigned work. The program really works if you implement it, this is why we say to finish it 100% before even starting so you get all the pieces.

Here’s how our guarantee DOES NOT apply:

  • You enroll, never complete the program, and email us within a year asking for a refund.
  • You enroll, do none of the assignments/landmarks, and enter on none of the alerts/signals and email us asking for a refund.
  • You enroll, do a portion of the lessons and watch some of the videos, decide it is too hard, and quit.

Note, this policy is subject to change without notice.  


 Questions? Contact on We provide unlimited support for you. 

We designed the courses to help you win trades. We have rules to follow. The point of our classes is for you to start your journey with cryptocurrencies and become a cryptocurrency trader!