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The 2% Theory

I have a crazy passion for cryptocurrency since I created 2 millionaire students in my last class, and I myself turned $12k into $2.7 million in a year.

When I started trading cryptocurrencies in 2013, I wanted to be able to experience what all these friends of mine were experimenting, making 100x their money in a month, and when I started, It wasn't easy, especially not with the tools we had back then. 

Even since last year, the tech has changed so much. My old strategy was buying and holding the right cryptocurrencies and waiting for them to go up 10% or even 400% in a day (that was fun, and that worked great in a bull market when everything goes up 1000x and we are making money hand over fist. 

But the truth is the market doesn’t stay like that! It goes up, it goes down and it goes FLAT.

Flat and sideways and that’s a boring time to hold because nothing happens and we have to wait for the market to move so we can make money. 

That doesn’t excite anyone or no one's wallet is going to grow like that. 

And I think if you are going to make epic money in cryptocurrency, its got to be fun, and you got to be able to make money in any kind of market. On the way up or on the way down. Or what’s the point of trading right? 

So I realized there has to be something we can do:  

  • Protect your money when the market crashes. Never lose money again in a cryptocurrency crash.
  • Make money on the way down. Get the most out of a market crash by making money on the crash.
  • Make money sideways. When the market is flat or barely moving, you can now make money then too.

and that’s when it hit me! 

The 2% theory! 

This is all about being able to make money, even 2% when the market only moves 0.2% which is a sideways market!!! 

So the 2% theory works in the different directions of the market! SO I started experimenting with trading on LEVERAGE and I brought that into my strategy and I thought some of these tools and techniques a few beginners to make sure that even the biggest computer illiterate beginner could understand it. 

I simplified it. 

I showed them a few simple tools and practices, and really opened them up to a more in depth cryptocurrency trading experience and ensure profitable trades! 

SO I created:

  • The 2% Theory. Which is all about turning $1,000 into $1,000,000 in a year.
  • Crypto On Fire. Get the most out of a market movements in any direction by making money on the way up or down and even sideways.
  • The Japanese Hiking Strategy. The art of wining a trade.
  • Predicting The Future Strategy. How to know what the next move is.

These such amazing things to experience! 

Most people lost money when the market crashed and with these tools, at the top of a bubble you can protect your money and make money all on the way down.

So, here's the thing: I'm just putting the finishing touches on the 2% Theory Course, now if you are interested and you think this might be something for you to really start building wealth with cryptocurrencies then go ahead and sign up below with your email address and I will keep you notified as soon as the course is ready.

P.S. I will also give you a free training on my $100/Day Cryptocurrency class which is all about how to make your first $100 trading. If you decide to join that class, you will get the 2% Theory & Crypto on Fire for free as a bonus! (I did not mention that in the video but I am telling you this now to make this offer even more irresistible for you!)


Anna Macko | Copyright 2019